Expert Lice Treatment for Your Flock!

Discover our specialised mobile service, operating in NSW and Southern QLD, designed exclusively for low-stress, cost-effective lice treatment in sheep. Unlike alternative methods like back lining, plunge dipping, or jetting alone, our full immersion cage dip offers the most reliable and thorough solution for lice eradication.

Our self-contained, fully mobile units, equipped with GPS-enabled trucks, quality pumps, tanks, and hoses, can be effortlessly relocated anywhere on your farm. This provides you with unparalleled convenience, allowing us to adapt to your specific needs and preferences.

Efficient Full Immersion Treatment
Precision and Sustainability
Ultimate Mobility and Convenience

Mobile Cage Sheep Dipping

DNW Livestock Services

Our innovative dip not only ensures precise chemical application but also optimises usage without the risk of chemical wastage or water overflow. The hydraulic drying table efficiently captures runoff, redirecting it back into the tank. With careful monitoring of chemical mixing rates, maintenance is a breeze, guaranteeing consistent and effective treatment.

Our self-contained mobile units, complete with cutting-edge GPS-equipped trucks, quality pumps, tanks, and hoses, can be effortlessly relocated to any area of your farm, providing you with ultimate convenience. Trust in our expert service to safeguard the health and well-being of your valuable livestock.

DNW Livestock Services
Wool Care For Ewe

DNW Livestock Services extend across the regions of NSW, lower QLD, and select parts of SA, ensuring that your herd receives the finest care no matter where you are located.

Shearing & Crutching

Mobile Cage Dipping

We offer a mobile hydraulic cage sheep dip. Our dip is designed to offer a low-stress, cost-effective treatment of lice in sheep.

Jetting Machine

Jetting Machine

We have a custom-made high-pressure jetting machine. With the jetting machine, we can confidently offer our clients full coverage on long wool sheep.

Lamb Marking Labour Hire


DNW Livestock Services provide experienced quality stockman and women to handle your stock with care.

DNW Livestock Services Testimonials

DNW Livestock Services had been a vital part of our business for 5 + years now. With all the services they now offer it makes it an easy management decision to know who to call when we need the job done correctly and efficiently.

Dayne, Nikki and the team go above and beyond to work with us to complete any task at hand.

Shawn Rainbow, Farm Manager; Timbie Aggregation, Yeoval, NSW

Highly recommend Dayne and his crew, efficient and an all round GREAT team! Going above and beyond to get the job done.

Nicole Pasparne

Just finished our annual General shearing and couldn’t be more impressed with the shearers, wool handlers, wool Classer and the level of professionalism that was delivered. A great team, a credit to DNW Livestock Services. Happy to provide a testimony to anyone. Thanks guys

Steve Lindsay

Great service, Dayne and his team are great to deal with, I’d highly recommend it!

Behn Monley, Dubbo Landscape, Dubbo, NSW

Use of Dayne’s cage dip showed much less stress on the animals, tremendous cost savings on chemical and he was very WHS conscious.

Mark & Kym Kerin, Gullen Gamble Merino & Poll Merino Stud
DNW Livestock Services

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