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With a team of skilled stockmen and women, DNW Livestock Services offer a range of top-tier services including mobile hydraulic cage dipping and specialised sheep jetting for lice and fly protection.

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We primarily operate in NSW, lower QLD, and select parts of SA. Our services are designed to reach livestock owners across these regions.
Our hydraulic cage dip offers a full immersion treatment, ensuring the most effective solution for lice eradication in sheep. It minimizes stress and provides a cost-effective, thorough treatment.

Our dip is designed to optimise chemical usage, preventing wastage or water overflow. The hydraulic drying table efficiently captures runoff, promoting a sustainable and eco-friendly approach to livestock treatment.

Our team comprises highly skilled and professional stockmen and women who prioritise the well-being of your livestock. They are trained to handle animals with care and expertise.
Absolutely. Our self-contained, fully mobile units are equipped with GPS-enabled trucks, quality pumps, tanks, and hoses, allowing us to adapt to your unique requirements. We’re committed to providing a tailored approach to suit your farm’s specific needs and preferences.
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